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  النمل الابيض : هي حشره ارضيه تسمى (بالارضه ) فهي تعيش تحت الارض في حفر و خنادق و فراغات تصنعها بنفسها . تتغذى بشكل اساسي على مادة...

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========================================== تعد المكيفات من اهم الاشياء اللازم وجودها داخل المنزل نظرا للتغيرات المناخية اصبح الجو اكثر حرارة فى فصل الصيف...

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بعد التقدم المزهل في مجال التكنولجيا و العلم اصبح الجميع يبحث عن وسائل سهله و سريعه في نشر الخدمات المختلفه و كذلك المنتجات التي...

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Rules of submission of the application
The Guild accepted players level 51+The application creates a separate topic, the topic title is issued in the following way - the Application "your nickname in the game" Ventra mandatory!Fill in the application filled in the questionnaire and answer...

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You chose the most persistent race in RF Online?
You become a valiant warrior Empire Acretia?
On your armor blood of Belotto and sharp ears of Koret?

Do not stop on reached! Join the ranks of the Guild Accretia!
We will offer you comprehensive world RF Online:
rock it grow, earn, fight!

Hundreds of enemies, millions CF and flying strip EXP,
all this you will find in the Guild Accretia!
Birthday Guild Accretia - September 5, 2009.


Start playing RF Online right now

RF Online combines the fact that other projects would have seemed utterly incongruous - stepped far forward technology coexist here with the romantic world of adventures. The basis RF Online are bright and memorable battles between players, the enormity of which will not leave indifferent anybody. Not only separate Guild, but the whole race is fighting shoulder to shoulder to achieve victory over the enemy.


Game site

Welcome! Your weekend rates! X3


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Amnesty: «Third chance!»

Dear players!

We want to please some of you with the possibility of Amnesty indefinitely blocked accounts and launched a campaign «Third chance!».
The campaign is meant for those who managed to get into the indefinite block and want to get a chance to redeem and to extend their stay in the official group of the project -

Community was 2385 blocked users.

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Welcome to the renewed website of the Guild Accretia.
Registration is STRICTLY a game nicknames.

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