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The Charter of the Guild

Necessary requirements:


 • Age of the applicant 18+ (exceptions possible)

 • 45+ level (in twink Guild Serenity reception 35+)
 • Game character should be the main Bidder shall not be twink)
 • The applicant should not consist, at the time of application, in another Guild,

 • Minimum time of consideration of the application 24 hours from the moment of creation of the topics on the forum, but no more than 3 days

 • When you receive probation (2 weeks)

 • At the end of the probationary period, the applicant has the right to participate in the distribution of game values inside the Guild, i.e. becomes a full member of the Guild and his rights and duties.


 Duties and rights of members of the Guild:


 1. Each Guild member has the right:

 • For help from the Guild, including material

 • Guild member has the right to protection of his interests on behalf of the Guild before the other players of the server, as well as from other races, help in the fighting.

 • Expressing opinions about the development of the Guild. Welcome any reasonable ideas.

 • To leave the Guild, discuss the cause of the Leader of the Guild or a Justice of the Guild.


 2. Each Guild member is obliged:

 • To observe and perform the Charter.

 • Be interested in the development of the Guild, to help other Guild members (at least).

 • Show respect for all members of the Guild and other players on the server

 • Never use a Mat, or radusinovich or without him.

 • Register on the forum under game nickname and visit it at least 3 times a week.

 • To carry out any orders of the Guild Leader or Council of the Guild.

 • In the application form for entry into the Guild in response to 14 question you must write the number of the resulting amount of your level, your age, and in-game time on the screenshot.

 • To participate in the raids on pit Bosses, Hiking in the SM and other Holdiny events


 3. The Guild members are PROHIBITED:

 • To sell armor, weapons and other material goods (result of work of the Guild members, and is the property of the Guild), without the consent of the Guild Leader or Council of the Guild.

 • Using offensive language in communicating with other players.

 • Use glitches, cheats, bots, etc.

 • Answer provocative questions and statements by other players in the server.
 • Poprosilasj in the Guild and outside.

Obligations and rights of the Leader and of the Council of the Guild:
 • To be Online at the time of filing SHG (Applies only to the Guild Leader)

 • To appoint to positions of responsibility of members of the Guild. (Refers only to the Guild Leader)

 • Start any voting (Both on the forum and in the game.)  

 • Set tax and other taxes to the Treasury of the Guild.

 • Make decisions about the policy of the Guild, ban any actions.

 • Cares about well-being, as entire Guild and its individual members.

 • To represent the person of the Guild when resolving issues at a higher level (between other guilds and other races)

 • Organization of raids pit Bosses, distribution drop.

 • Organization of assistance to members of the Guild.

 • Control of the Treasury and Warehouse Guild.

 • To distribute material assistance within the Guild

 • In the Guild players

 • To exclude from the Guild for violations of the Charter.

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